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“ I’ve been going to Lulu for years and she is my absolute favorite massage therapist. It took me awhile to find someone who actually could make a difference for my back and shoulder pain and she is absolutely wonderful! She’s the sweetest person ever and will make you super comfortable, plus she really knows her stuff! If you’ve been searching for a good massage therapist, look no further she is definitely the best! "

Gina Lombardi

“ Lulu is a great massage therapist. You can tell her your problem and she knows what to do to relieve your pain. She also adjust to the level of pain you can withstand. She is petite but she has great strength. She is the best massage therapist I’ve met to date. "

Karen Raymond

“ I have been a client of Lourdes for years now. She is one of the many few who listen to what you have to say and then translates that over to the areas of focus to relieve sore/stiff muscles. She looks at the whole body to understand how to help specific pain points. She loves what she does, and it truly translates over to her work. I give her my highest recommendation. "

Jaime Sean

“ I have been seeing Lulu for several years now and she always knows just what to do to provide the best healing. She is intuitive, very attentive and sensitive to what your body needs, offering just the right amount of pressure as needed. I always feel entirely comfortable in her care, and I am continually amazed by her strength and skill. I have had chronic low back and shoulder issues for years and she has addressed both, knowing intuitively when to go deep and when to be soft. I highly reccomend Lulu if you want a professional massage that is both therapuetic and relaxing!! "

Denise Wetzel

“ I had sinus issues and pressure in my ears for a long time went and saw LuLu and she told me some treatments she offered I was skeptical of whether it would work or not but after some air candling and a lymphatic facial I felt I was a new man after the treatment "

Timothy Coughlin

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